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Welcome to EeAaZz. Our Decade-long journey has been marked by achievement, problem-solving innovation, and a growing group of passionate people.This page will help introduce you to who we are, what we value and the work we do.

EeAaZz was founded at Coimbatore in 2003. Guru’s principle for success from the start was “Attitude, Aptitude, and Integrity” — he built EeAaZz upon the firm belief that communities of passionate,self-driven and motivated people could discover unseen to shape the cut edge technology of the future.

Today we employ people across the globe.I had the honour of stepping into the CEO at the beginning of 2008 after five years helping to build our company. We’ve experienced huge and rapid change, but we have held fast to our aspirations to attract the world’s best knowledge workers and our mission to revolutionise the bloated IT industry. You can see that commitment reflected in our values, which underpin our devotion to our customers’ success and everything we do.

Whether we’re building a new custom system for a client, fixing a project that’s tied up in knots, or helping to make a software development organisation more productive, EeAaZz delivers. Our customers start seeing benefits in weeks, not months, a radical change for some clients and partners caught up in the inertia of working as they’ve always worked.

Software Development, Testing or Support with EeAaZz feels and looks different: in fact – evolutionary, even fun. We take good ideas — best practices like collaboration, feedback, transparency, and early testing — and we build them into the way we work. We’ve spent years, and many early mistakes, building a set of capabilities and reusable approaches that we believe to be world class. But every problem is different, and our commitment to satisfying our clients far outstrips any affinity to a set of practices.

We are based across the globe in seven time zones. We work with clients from each location. While our global reach means we can find the right combination of sourcing, team distribution, risk transfer, and degree of innovation to meet nearly any company’s needs, we pride ourselves on marrying our big-company services to personalised small-company service.

The EeAaZz journey continues. My personal journey with EeAaZz has not just made me into a better leader and a better professional. I believe that our unflinching ambition to improve our industry and the world has made me a better human being. Whether you are a potential customer, partner, or Knowledge worker, I hope you will consider joining us and helping to shape our path.
– CEO (EeAaZz)

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